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15 Jun 2012
commentsUnited States such as violence, crime, war type games of high-yieldingcountries, buy maplestory mesos game argument against youths repeatedly mentioned by the media andpoliticians, experts from the natural there are all kinds of nonsense. Forexample, shortly before the listing of the first-person shooter games of thebullet storm (Bulletstorm) because of its bloody violence, vulgarity, full ofmetaphors and other reasons are the major media blasted.In the storm of bullets kill in different ways in different text will appear,in addition to cheap maplestory mesos the above "headshot", also similar to the "beauty shot" and"group-p" sort of metaphorical vocabulary.Notorious right wing media Fox news station is named "bullet storm is the worstgame in the world? Topic ", please go to a psychologist, Carole Lieberman, madethe following comments:"The rise in the number of cases of rape, a large reason can blame video games(sex) scene. "Here may wish to introduce a little background knowledge: the United Statesfrom the 70 's declining incidence of rape, in 2004 had fallen to one-seventhin 1979, trend of the last two years as well. More data shows that violentfilms of the MapleStory Mesos time, the number of violent crimes fell.When the games media by Parties after questioning, Lieberman claimed that thereare thousands of research support that view, but her "one hand cannot befound", because "it's not common sense do, as we all should know". In a fewdays after the last out of eight "research materials" by analysts as "data isnot contrary to reality, is complete and the game doesn't matter. "So, players angry. But experts in long distance, how should the vent? They soonfound the answer: Amazon book review.In the Amazon, Carole Lieberman of the three books is crazy players comments to1.5 star, and all kinds of funny comments are baiyutiao (for example: "thisbook is my struggle and the Playboy of the fit! Is awful! " Web artilleryshelling is common, but is more subtle, network book extremely developed today,Amazon's book reviews I'm afraid will directly affect the sales of the books.For this development, Lieberman natural anxiety and anger, here are some of herstatements:"I was shocked. Quality of these comments at all, and that's okay, they justdon't like me. ""Amazon should take up the responsibility. Should not allow people who didn'tbuy the book write comments. "On the masses who said so you don't play a game called game deserved it HA HAHA HA.As of press time, Amazon has yet to make any comments on these.


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