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14 Jun 2012
AC milan: I love team, loyal fans! In this, the team can only use perfect AC todescribe. About the squad, whether the 4-4-2 attack, or carlo ancelotti oftenuse of the 4-3-2-1, can be very good to play, play up both andriy shevchenko orgilardino, can be very good for solo combat. Is to be improved in the place isAC defence, is general ageing is their typical problems, udinese FELIPE buy maplestory mesos is verygood choice, so use AC, the fund will hit of the key is: the defence! Inter:massimo moratti is I appreciate the most boss, cheap maplestory mesos have this kind of boss, if I wasthe coach, I would be really for his fall TuDe gump. In each location in theinter staff configuration is quite good, can say in the squad is completely canplay attacking team, the defence in the samoyed Elmer arrives, more of thefirm, and the horror of midfield and attack you is the guarantee of success!But inter's two full-back is need improvement, the existing full-backpersonnel, are all tend to attack the tendency, and it is easy to cause thetapping up and out of the back of the embarrassing situation, suggest to buygood defensive guard, has been very horrible front, the defence to changesomething, so you would become the most invincible! Funds to hit of the key is:wings! Juve: fabio capello is a god. Anyone can't do, he did it, anyone dare totry things, he tried, also try very well, no matter you are to the burningwine, he would also you drank, from Antonio cassano young frivolous, to thestep of rowdy, have been end of fabio capello in an orderly way, this old guyis a genius! When the genius came to Juventus, terror is come to serie a,although I hate Juventus, but I have to admit, in capello breathing Juventus,can say in what is now are invincible, game, Juventus players each position isquite dishes, mutu and alessandro del piero position more change in midfield tocruising, so practical sense of pure striker only French and Sweden that thelump. So, buy a universal substitute striker is important. Of course, the mostimportant is, replace fabio capello, for we AC cleared the one of the biggestobstacles ^_^. Funds to hit of the key is: strike! Manchester united: thereality of Manchester united faced with sir alex ferguson abdicated, Ryangiggs, let a person feel sorry for the move, but the game, Manchester unitedsquad is still the standard super luxurious squad, the defence has RioFerdinand patrolling the can make you much rest assured some, midfielderaspects of the people are numerous also won't let you feel too, in the squadplay or attack the 4-4-2 is very good choice, let go to dozen! You excellentmidfielder personnel is the guarantee of your goal! But in front, Louis sahaleave, solskjaer can be delayed and injury, make Wayne rooney and ruud vannistelrooy pertains to every game, so funds to hit of the key is: strike!Chelsea: o step if is my elder brother this much good? Alas... . This supermoney squad have can not use words to describe. In the game, you will see theback of the number of players significantly more than midfield and the players,so, job cuts to defence it, although rich also can't so flowers! Squad, inaddition to all the defensive battle back, all other use, anyway I have money,love who buy buy! Funds to hit of the key is: are only after buy! Arsenal: offthe Patrick vieira, Arsenal midfielder have lacked a powerful steel walls,bought MapleStory Mesos hull cloth, he didn't see effect, belarus position now, veryembarrassed. But in general, all the players to keep the position is quitegood, but in the goalkeeper, jens lehmann has into old age of 35, don't youwant to continue to pension? Squad, Henry in, hit the 4-4-2 right, Henry won'tlet you down. Funds to hit of the key is: goalkeeper! Liverpool: newly crownedEuropean champions squad to defensive players are in the majority, then counterattacking it, front of speed and fernando morientes has djibril cisse on theheight, like the ans shandong when MAO and TangXiaoCheng quality, that was aquick, cow X the man ~! Squad, defensive right, have Steven gerrard do small ofthe back, you were afraid of not keep back, into not attack? Funds to hit ofthe key is: attacking or organization type of player. Real Madrid: my elderbrothers say, now of the real Madrid is drought horse, waste, this report! Fromthe position to see, in the reality kick to this level, is crippled, this is adare to burn money namely advocate, but it can't buy a practical point? Squad?Squad must be playing attacking ah, you see his defender each with a lance andgun, not dozen attack this is not waste feelings? Funds to hit of the key is:who CARES! Barcelona: hardly see so art of attacking football... . Barcelona isa artists, they attack luxuriant and do not break of composition, adept notlasting appeal, ronaldinho is a genius is a devil, with him in the midfielderis to be able to let opponents of choking. The forward line dragging Mr Evans,messi, larsson, is can create opportunities to grasp the opportunity of thestriker, team, don't call 3-5-2, don't call 4-4-2 you up to who? Funds to hitof the key is: I have no idea ^_^.


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